Chair Cover Setup Examples
If you don't see what you are looking for.. most likely we've done it, we just
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Folding Chairs with
Pink Satin Sashes
Ivory Chair Cover w/
ivory topper, daisy
White and Hot PInk
Ivory Chair Cover w/
Periwinkle Mirror
Organza Sash
Black and Red
Red, white and blue
Ivory w/ Mocha floral inserts
Red and white
Navy and white
Ivory on Ivory
Ivory folding chair cover
with lavender floral insert
White and Lilac
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Serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area
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Hot Pink Lamour Sash
Wine Lamour Sash
Clover- Dark Sage Shiny Sash
Light Champagne Sash
on white cover
White Sash on
Champagne Cover