White Garden Chair  
$2.75 ea
With Padded Seat
Sturdy Frame
Non Chipping Resin material
Comfortable and Elegant!
Satin Sashes $1.50 each
Simply Elegant
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Same day or late night Pickup fees:

After 2pm on Saturday:
$150- $200
Chairs available through outsourcing:
Outsourcing fee for Black Garden chairs:
Depending on the number of items needed
Garden Chairs:
$3.00 each
Important Information regarding the outsourcing of Chairs:
*We require a minimum order of in-stock rental items for us to outsource plastic folding chairs or black
garden chairs. We do not outsource chivari chairs.

Simply Elegant only stocks White Garden Chairs in our store. We are glad to acquire outsourced items for
a small fee. We will pick them up and return them for you. This will allow you to get the rest of your rental
and decor needs from us for a great price.


There is no grace period for orders returned late when items are outsourced. We have no control over other
rental companies policies, what they charge for late fees.

Orders with outsourced items must be returned by 2pm on the due date, in order to give us time to return
the items on time.

If you paid for delivery and arranged for a pickup, we must have access to the items when we arrive. We DO
NOT make two trips on the same day. We can return the next day for a an additional fee, plus you will be
required to pay an extra day's rental on all items outstanding from our company and the outsourced
company. We WILL NOT wait more than the allotted time frame if you or the designated person to meet us
is late. We have a tight schedule on Mondays, and we cannot keep other parties waiting. We strive to be on
time wherever we are expected, please help us to meet that goal and make all our customers satisfied.

Pickups for standard, in-stock orders or normally made in 1 hour windows,because of circumstances like
these. Many times, we arrive to pickup items, and the coordinator or person who knows where the items
were stored is not available to tell us where they are.