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Indoor Only
Wood Parque Dance Flooring

Real Wood with Brass Aluminum

Includes Installation,
standard removal is included, but
only on Mondays. If your location is
an additional fee to come back the
same night. The fee starts at $150
and is based on your event
location. If you have ordered
multiple items, breakdown fees
apply such as chair covers, linens,

Delivery charges are required but
not included in rental price. Fee to
be calculated and based on zip

(Be sure to read our minimum
order amounts for your zip code to
make sure your order meets our
What Size do I Order?

Not all your guests will be dancing at one time, and some will
not dance at all. A good way to calculate the size of dance
floor needed is to figure 20% of your guest count could be
occupying the dance floor at a time.
In a wedding reception where there is a buffet served, many
people are eating at different times, dancing at different
times. Some people will tire and sit for a while, grab another
drink, or just want to talk and visit with other guests.

For Example:
9 x 9 can hold 12+ guests for events with 80-100 guests
12 x 12 can hold 20+ guests for events with 150-200 guests

15 x 15 can hold 30+ guests for events with 200- 250 guests
Pricing Example:
12 x 12 (16 pieces)= $272.00

* We do not offer larger sizes than
12ft, but we are glad to outsource it for
you with a minimum in stock order.  
Outsourced dance floors incur
outsourcing fees. Call us for details.