2006 Photo Gallery
Event Date                                           Colors                                     Location  
2-3-06  Paige                        Black, White, Lime Green               Hotel
2-4-06 Zavala                        Red, White                                     Midlothian Center             
2-11-06 Crow-Muzny            Pink, Brown, Ivory                            Colleyville Center                                  
2-18-06 Seybert                     White, Lilac, Lavender                   Rolling Hills Country Club, Arlington    
2-19-06 Brewer                     Black, White, Silver                         Visions Club, Dallas (25th Anniversary party)  
3-6-06 Radisson                  Ivory, Gold                                        Radisson (Hilton Fort Worth)            
3-11-06 Vendsel                   Lilac, Sage                                       Cold Creek Winery, Grapevine          
3-16-06 Long                        Hot Pink, White                                Anabelle Mansion, Burleson       
3-25-06 Beautillion              Pastels                                              Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas                
4-8-06 Plummer                    Pink, White,Ivory                              Delaney Vineyards, Grapevine          
4-16-06 Parker                      Ivory, Gold                                       DeSoto Civic Center                            
4-29-06 Chang                     Red, Ivory, Green                             Radisson (HIlton Ft
6-2-06 James                      White, Purple                                    Church, Duncanville        
Haynes 6-3-06                      Sage, Ivory, Champagne                 Local Church, Ft Worth/Holiday Inn    
6-10-06 Watson                    Hot Pink, White, Pink                       YMCA
6-17-06 Rauh                         Pink, Ivory                                      Tartan Thistle House, McKinney       
6-17-06 Parker                      Black, White, Tiffany Blue               Westin Park Central-Dallas              
6-18-06 Cook                        Mauve, White                                  Local Church, Bedford                        
6-24-06 Quin                         Silver, White, Yellow                       Southwest Airlines Headquarters     
6-24-06 Clark                       Coral, Teal, White                            Hotel Ballroom                                      
6-25-06 Skinner                    Sage, White,Silver                            DeSoto Civic Center                            
7-14-6 Kinard                       Purple, Sage                                    Westin Park Central                             
7-16-06 Ferguson               Hot Pink, Red, Orange                      YWCA Fort Worth                                 
7-21-06 Pero                         Aqua, Brown                                   Local Church and Trammell Crow Building
7-29-06 Morton                     Hot Pink, Black, White                     Sterling Hotel, Garland                       
8-5-06 Thomas                     Ivory & Gold                            Denton Bible Church/Merrit Ranch     
8-12-06 Matthews                Ivory, Blue, Green                   Ameri-Suites Hurst                               
8-19-06 Pauley                      Periwinkle, white                    Fort Worth Church                               
9-3-06 Krkjlus                        Burnt Orange, Fall colors     Shady Valley Golf Club                        
9-3-06 C.Contreras              Plum, Purple, Lavender       Bass Performance Hall-Maddox Muse
9-9-06 A.Contreras               Tangerine, Ivory                      Bluebonnet Ballroom, UTA                
9-24-06 Fall theme               Fall Colors & Chocolate              Hanging Gardens                            
9-16-06 Jackson                    Chocolate, Yellow, Fall Colors   Park Cities Hilton, Dallas           
11-18-06 Lanzara                    Red, White, Black                 Union Station Dallas                            
11-12-06 Vandergriff             Purple, Lavender,white        Local Church                                        
11-4-06 Ramsey                    Coral, White                           Local Church                                         
10-27-06 Hayes                     Pink, Brown                            YWCA Fort Worth                                  
11-10-06 Mata                        Pink, Brown, Green                Tribute Golf Club, The Colony          
11-8-06 USPS                        Red, White, Blue                    Hotel                                                       
10-13-06 Saffell                     Purple, Lavender,White        Local Church. Gymnasium                
10-14-06 Rodriguez               Red, White                             Lockhead Martin-Ballroom                 
7-8-06 Boyer                           Pink and White                              Local
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