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2007 Photo Gallery
Serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area
2-3-07 John                                      Chocolate Brown, Turquoise                         Hilton Lincoln Center                       
1-13-07 Bearden                             Peach, Sage, Brown                                        Local Church                                      
2-23-07 Alaajiy                                 Brown, Champagne                                        White Room,Arlington                       
1-6-07 Jones                                     Purples, White                                                  Church                                                    
3-24-07-Countrywide                    Pink & Brown                                           Fort Worth Club                                     
7-7-07 Longhurst                   Orange, Pink                                                   McDavid Studio-Bass Hall                  
6-9-07 Brown                                    Orange, Lime, White                                    Knights of Columbus, Bedford
9-15-07 Moffeit                      Brown,Champagne                                       Local Church                                      
11-3-07 Steinford              Champagne, White                                             Home Residence                           
8-17-07 Crinkelmeyer           Black, Turquiose, Peacock feathers           Lancaster Theatre, Grapevine
8-18-07 Baker                       White, Lavender, Sage                                   Denton Senior Center
8-19-07 Doddy                       Burnt Orange, Fall Colors, White                Masonic Temple, Dallas
9-15-07 Sproles                    Eggplant, Lavender, White                            Anabelle Mansion
8-26-07 Varghese             Black, White, Red, Lime                                    Hotel, Dallas
6-23-07 Giannini                    Burgundy, Pink, Ivory                                      Adolphus Hotel, Dallas
9-1-07 DeLarosa               Red, Ivory
9-22-07  Moreno                   Pink, Hot PInk, Orange, Red                          Clark Gardens
5-27-07 Humphrey                          Tiffany Blue, Ivory, Pink
9-22-07 Unknown                 Hot Pink, Orange, Red
5-19-07 Pohly                                  Pink and Ivory                           
9-1-07 Texas Star              Hot Pink, Light Pink                                           Texas Star Golf Course
8-19-07 Kelly                          Crimson Red, White                                     Bass Performance Hall, Van Cliburne Room
8-25-07 Sims                         Ivory, Chocolate, Sage                                   YWCA
6-23-07 Smalling                             Pink, Brown                                                     YWCA Fort Worth                                  
Event Date                          Colors                                             Location  
12-15-07 McCoy                    White, Lime
11-2-07 Doerr                    Rose, Ivory                                                            Stockyards, Fort Worth
10-12-07 Wylie                      Ivory, Gold                                                         Lancaster Theatre- Grapevine
9-29-07 Lyons                      Hot Pink, Orange
3-24-07 Flynn                                  White, Royal Blue                                  Golf Club at Fossil Creek
2-3-07 Nash                                     White, Gold                                                     Pickup at Showroom
1-27-07 Dallas Bridal Show          Several color schemes                                 Dallas Market Hall
11-16-07  Reed                White, Chocolate                                                Stockyards
11-17-07   Kennard         Ivory, Gold, Fall Colors                                       YWCA
11-21-07 Silk Flower Order      Fall Colors, Chocolate, Sage
10-6-07 Roberts                    Burgundy, Pink, White
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