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2008 Photo Gallery
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1-26-08 Fuqua                     Black, Red, White                                    Northeast Wedding Chapel
2-2-08 Colgan                      White, Red                                              First Baptist Hurst
3-8-08                                   White, Red                                              Woodhaven Country Club
Summer 2008 Bot Gardens   White, Pink                                             Botanical Gardens
3-8-08 Jennings                    Chocolate, White                                    Rivercrest Country Club
3-8-08 Kara Vita                   Buttercup Yellow, Lime, White                 DFW Marriot
7-08                                      Champagne, White                                 Victory Arts Center
3-6-08 Kara Vita                   Black, Ivory, Yellow                                  DFW Marriot
Summer 2008                       Ivory, Blue, Pink                                       YWCA
1-12-08 Beer                         White,Gold                                            City Place, Dallas                                         
3-14-08 McClendon              Pink, Ivory, Whites                                  Shady Oaks Church
2-15-08 AME                        Ivory, Royal Blue
1-26-08 Hayes                      Clover (Dark Sage) Ivory                        Legends Country Club- Stephenville
1-12-08 Harris                       Light Pink, Champagne, Ivory                Robert Karr Chapel/  YWCA Fort Worth
Event Date                          Colors                                             Location  
1-5-08                                    Ivory,Champagne-Gold, Eggplant        Hilton Hotel, Fort Worth