Setup Information
Setup Prices/Labor Fees:

Banquet Chair Cover Setup:
Polyester Chair Covers with sash: .75 cents per chair
Chair Sash only: .50 cents each
Chair Cover only: .50 cents each
EZ Satin Chair Cover with sash installation: $1.00 ea
Does not include removal. Covers must be carefully
removed and bagged following the event and stored in a
secure area until the pickup on Monday, or returned to
our office. Do not place wet or heavily soiled chair
covers in bags, as they will mildew and replacement fees
will be charged.
CLICK HERE for all chair cover installation prices and

Dance Floor Setup:
Included in the rental price.

Pipe and Draping Setup Fees:
10 Ft Tall: $10 per section
up to 16 ft Tall: $15 per section

Glassware, Flatware, Tableware Setup Fees:
10 cents per item
Glasses, plates, charger plates, forks, knives, spoons,
coffee cups, saucers, etc:
Does not include cleanup after the event. Cleanup
services are normally performed by the catering staff
following the event. Plates and soiled glasses and
silverware must be scraped, emptied and placed back
into the containers provided.  
About Setup Fees:
A minimum of 2 weeks to one month advance notice required.
Time slots are not guaranteed on last minute orders. We may have
delivery time slots open, but our setup schedule fills up quickly.

Setup fees depend on the number of items to be installed and
complexity.  The price includes setup on a Friday or Saturday during
normal business hours, and pickup on Mondays. If the items must be
removed the same evening, there is a fee of $150-$250 to return after
For Sunday Events:
Sunday delivery, setups or pickups are not available, No exceptions. If
your event is on Sunday, you may pickup your order as early as Friday
morning. We can also deliver your order on a Friday or Saturday, if the
facility is open and available.
A volunteer must be present to remove or properly store the items until
pickup on Monday . All items must be placed back into proper containers
provided. Nothing should be discarded.
50% Deposit
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to make a
Linen Setup:
Table Linens: $1.50 per item
Table Skirting: $3.50 each
Table Draping/Swags: $5.00 each
Napkin folding:.25c each
Napkin installation: 15c each

For photos of style options, see
*Minimum order required for our decorator to go on site to
install table swags.
Does not include removal. Linens must be carefully
removed and bagged following the event and stored in a
secure area until the pickup on Monday, or returned to our
office. Do not place wet or heavily soiled linens in bags as
they will mildew. All food and debris must be shaken off
table linens before bagging. This will prevent replacement
Floral item Setup:
This information is for clients who have already placed an
order with us. We are not currently accepting new fresh
floral orders.
Floral setup fees are quoted based on number of items to
be installed, such as pew flowers, candelabras, table
centerpieces, etc.
Floral orders that we deliver do not include setup on your
tables, such as petals, centerpieces, etc.
Setup fees start at $40 for this service, and do not include
us coming back the same evening to pick up the vases.
Vases must be stored in a secure place over the weekend,
or taken home with a trusted family member, coordinator
or volunteer and returned to our office on the Monday
following the event.
Floral bouquet vases must also be returned and may be
purchased for $6 each. A free rental of a small cylinder
vase is included with bridal flower orders so the bride may
use them to display the bouquets in the reception.  If any
vases are missing upon pickup, the customer will be
charged the replacement cost..
The box used to transport the vases must also be
returned to avoid a $10 replacement fee.
Columns & Candelabras Setup Fees:
Colonnade setup: $25-$50
Candelabra setup: $25- $50
Aisle Runners: $10
Outdoor Event Setup Information:
For Parks and Gardens:
Fees start at the normal rates listed on this page, plus a minimum
surcharge of $50 for outdoor events. We charge this fee because
these places are often very difficult to access. It takes longer to
complete the setup in most cases, and we cannot use our standard
carts and dollies in the grass. Parking is normally far from the event
site. These are things to consider when booking an outdoor event.
Please remember that we require at least a one hour window to deliver
and exact times are not guaranteed, so it's a good idea to choose a
venue that allows 2-3 hours of setup time prior to your event to ensure
that all your vendors have enough cushion in their time schedules to
complete the setup.
Weather and Setup:
If weather issues arise on the day of your wedding, it is important to
have a"plan B" in place. When we book a time slot to install your items,
we only have a certain amount of time to complete the setup, and then
we must move on to the next setup. If you have to change your
ceremony or reception "plan" on the spot, we may or may not be able
to assist in the process, depending on whether or not we are obligated
at another event. If we can help, we will do so for an additional fee. If it
rainiy or windy, we cannot be held responsible or be expected to
issue a refund if our products cannot be used on that day. Booking an
outdoor event comes with a high risk of problematic situations and
most times a not-so perfect outcome. It is difficult to get your props and
rentals to stand up straight on grass, they can tip over, be blown over
with minimal wind, and things have a higher risk of breaking. All these
risks are assumed by the renter, and not your rental company.
Recommendations for a Better chance of Outdoor event
Have a secondary plan in place.
Rent a Tent
Rent heavy items like wrought iron candelabras and plaster pedestals
instead of easy-to blow over arches and plastic columns.
We rent LED Candles to create a glow, instead of candles, which easily
blow out.
Remember, we are not event coordinators, so we cannot be expected
to tell you what to do, or come up with a solution if weather should
become an issue.
Make sure to have plenty of time allotted for setup.
Have extra family members and volunteers in place to assist in the
setup, or change in plan procedures.
Ceiling Draping:
* We no longer offer ceiling draping