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About our Up Lights:
The units are composed of a high grade steel enclosure with aerospace reflective white
finish. The main light driver is made of a non-heat emission, High output LED unit.

Each unit is programmed for multi-color selection or fixed single color
via the Remote Control.

- 16 one-touch single colors
  Select one color to remain on without interruption.
- 4 Brightness intensity levels
  Light intensity controllable from 25, 50, 75 & 100%
- Flash effect
  Multi-color flashes (2) colors per second
- Strobe effect
  Multi-color strobe effect (1) color per second
- Fade effect
  Multi-color Slow skip effect
- Smooth Fade Effect
  Multi-color gradient mooth fade without skip or flicker
- Single color strobe
  Intermittently flash same color on and off
- No Swivel Application, sits on a flat surface.
Up Lighting Features:

- Multi unit IR  - Each remote control is programmed for multi-unit unit control

- Produces no heat  - Unit can remain on 24/7 (Remain at Room Temperature).

- Vibration tested    - Operation has been tested to remain on upon possible vibration

- Long life LED        - LED head unit tested for more than 50,000 hours of
non-stop                                                 operation
- No moving parts   - Color effects operate digitally and have o moving parts
- Water resistant       -not submersible, but waterproof if lightly raining or moist
Indoor Uses of Up Lighting:
  • Stage Lighting
  • Drapery Illumination
  • Wall Wash
  • Room Entrance Lighting
  • Decoration
Customer must supply extension cords
Rental price does not include
Contact us for setup and installation
Outdoor Uses of Up Lighting:
  • Outside wall-wash
  • Tree illumination
  • Gazebo illumination
  • Planters accent lighting
  • Main Entrance lighting
Up Lighting Rental Pricing
$30 per unit
Includes 1 remote*
Replacement fees assessed for
remotes not returned.