Rental Terms and Conditions
Rental Dates, Duration and Pricing

For Weekend Orders:
Weekend orders are released on Friday and are due on Monday. We are closed on Sunday.
Orders may be released on Thursday for an additional fee.
For Weekday Orders:
Weekday orders are released the day before and are due back the day following.
Rentals are charged by the day.
Pricing Policy:
Rental Prices are subject to change without notice. Price quotes are valid for 14 days.  All rental prices non-negotiable.
Corporate Rate Pricing:
Wholesale rental rates available for linens and chair covers for qualified applicants. Caterers receive a discount on all food and
beverage equipment. Florists receive discounts all vases, candelabras and arches. Tax ID is required for discount program.
Special Offers:
To receive promotional discounts, the event must be booked by the date specified in the ad. If a new special becomes active during
your contract period, you are not eligible to combine it with any other offer. You will receive the discount based on your contract date,
not the event date. You cannot take advantage of more than one special. Items added to your order after your original invoice will be
billed at the current rate.
Required Deposit, Paperwork and Payment Schedule

Deposit Requirements:
Rental and Floral services require a 50% Deposit and signed Rental Invoice, electronic signature, or signed Terms and Conditions.
To Place an Order:
Online: Visit our website: and click on Place an Order.
Via Phone: Call us with your list of items to check availability, pay by phone with credit card, and we will email you a Reservation
Confirmation Invoice. You will still be required to submit your event information and electronic signature online by clicking on Place
and Order, then
Confirm an Order.
Via Fax/Mail: Download a Customer Agreement, fill it out and fax it to: 817-656-2965, or mail it to: 7705 Sand St. Fort Worth, TX
Final Counts,Changes and Final Payment:
Changes and substitutions not accepted within 14 days of the event. Final counts ,changes and final payment is due two weeks prior
to the event. Changes made by voice mail are
not valid. Please speak with an associate and review your final emailed changes to
ensure you have everything you need and the order is correct. Simply Elegant is not responsible for mistakes on the order upon
delivery or pickup if the client has approved the order and not notified us of the required changes.

Final payment due two weeks prior to the event: ___________________________ (enter date here)

Invoice Billing: (Corporate Only)
50% Deposit by check or Credit card and final payment due within 14 days after the event. If one payment is late, payment extension
privileges will be suspended. Credit Application Required with References and Credit Card or Personal Guaranty on file.
Payment Plan: (for individuals only)
For events 6 months or more in the future, we offer a monthly payment plan to individuals only. This requires monthly debit or credit
card payments on a specific date each month and a signed Payment Plan Agreement. The total is divided into equal monthly
payments, so a large deposit is not required. Major Changes to your order are accepted until 30 days prior to your event, such as
color or style or quantity, but minor changes and substitutions are due 2 weeks prior to your event.

Pickup Rental Requirements:

Rentals must be picked up in a secure vehicle.A valid drivers license for the driver, a credit card and ID for the cardholder must be
on file. Items must be returned on your due date to avoid additional charges. Any items missing upon return are automatically
charged for replacement or late fee (additional day). Client is to inform us upon arrival if something is damaged or missing. If items
are not returned within 3 days, replacement fees will be assessed on top of the rental fees, no refunds, no exceptions.
For bulky orders:  (columns, candelabras, etc)
Bulky orders must be picked up in a full size pickup with tailgate, moving blankets and tie downs. (Customer is responsible for
providing their own moving supplies) pickup trucks arriving in rainy weather or without appropriate supplies will be denied rentals and
will not be eligible for a refund.
Tarps are not acceptable as an alternative to an enclosed vehicle.

For Small orders:
Small orders may be picked up in a car or vehicle of choice, but items must be in the enclosed portion of the vehicle.
For Tables and/or Chairs:
Tables and chairs must be picked up in an enclosed vehicle, van, covered trailer or box truck. No flat bed trailers allowed for ANY
order, NO exceptions.
 All clients arriving to pick up with flat bed trailer will be denied rentals and will NOT be eligible for a refund.
You may request last minute delivery and we will do our best to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees.
If items are returned late, the customer will be charged for an additional day. If items are not returned within three days, and
customer is not able to be reached, replacement fees will be assessed and charged to the credit card on file. Communication is
Renters Responsibility/Damage Waiver.
Simply Elegant does not offer a damage waiver. Renter assumes full responsibility of the item upon possession, and agrees to pay
for lost or damaged items.

Weather Related Issues:
Simply Elegant does not issue refunds for any reason, no exceptions. Should bad weather or wind become an issue, Simply Elegant
reserves the right to refuse to release such items and offer a substitution of in stock items to help facilitate an indoor function. WE
DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS ON ACCOUNT OF BAD WEATHER CONDITIONS. We realize that this may be out of your control, but it is
also something that we cannot control. Therefore, the client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event.
Please discuss a plan "B" with your coordinator.  It is not our responsibility to revise your event design the day or two before your
event, should inclement weather be ensuing. It is our desire that your event go smoothly as possible. If you chose to take a chance
and rent the items and have us install them or do it yourself, we are not responsible for items blowing over, getting damaged or
broken, no matter the circumstance. Once we release the items into your hands,  you take full responsibility of the care of the items.
If you have paid for delivery, and we arrive with no one to accept the items and the weather is bad or impending, we will call you or a
contact person to discuss your options. Please provide an additional contact person's name and number, should you be unavailable
the day of your event.  

Delivery and Setup Fee Information

Delivery Fee:
Our delivery fees start range from $50 - $200. For Delivery Fee Schedule, CLICK HERE
This fee is calculated based on the number of items, bulkiness, and delivery location.  Items must be gathered and ready for loading
following event. Delivery includes drop off on Friday or Saturday and pickup on Monday. Same day pickups and pickups after 5 pm
incur additional fees. Items must be stored indoors until return pickup.
Round Trip Delivery:
Delivery fees are assessed based on a two-trip basis, one to deliver, one to pickup. If additional trips are required, you will
automatically be billed.  If your ceremony and reception are in two separate locations, additional delivery fees will apply. A
responsible party (you or another adult 21 years of age or older) must be present upon delivery to sign the delivery slip and accept
the items suitable for use. Any services added to the order at that time will be charged to your account.
Delivery Details:
Standard delivery fee includes drop off on the lowest level of the structure. Items which need to be transported in the elevator, stairs,
or require multiple trips up the stairs or elevator are charged a special delivery surcharge between $50-$200. Please be specific
about the delivery details of your location prior to making your reservation. If Simply Elegant discovers a special delivery situation
upon arrival, the credit card on file will be charged automatically.
Return Pickup:
If items are not available or accessible upon pickup, another day's rental fee will be charged, and the customer will be charged again
for an additional trip, no matter whose fault it is. The customer has the option to go pickup the items and return them to our store to
avoid this fee. It is not Simply Elegant's responsibility to ensure the items are ready for pickup or stay at your venue and look for
missing items. It is important for you or your coordinator to work out these details prior to your event.
Setup Fees:
Rental fees do not include setup of the item. Paying for delivery does not include setup of the item.
For an additional charge, Simply Elegant will provide the staff to setup or install the rented item and/or applying the rented
decorations. We do not install or decorate with items that did not come from our establishment. Fees are based on total number of
items, assembly time and decorating involvement. Does not include breakdown, cleanup or removal. This service is available for an
additional fee.
For setup fees CLICK HERE
Self Setup:
If you opt to perform this task yourself, all rented items including accessories and small parts must be placed back into proper
containers, and cleaned if necessary. (Example: candles, candle holders, petals, table crystals, vases) Please do not leave water in
your vases, and do not throw away small rented items. All vases, containers, boxes, totes and packing materials must  be returned to
avoid replacement fees.
Payment /Credit Card Terms:

Payments Accepted:
Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Cash, Checks, Money Order
Security Required:
A valid credit card must be kept on file, even if you are paying by cash or check. The credit card will be used for damages, missing
items, late fees, or replacement fees, cleaning fees or added services. The credit card will be charged if changes are made the day
of the event, such as added services, labor or additional items are requested. If you submit a check that is subsequent returned, you
will be required to pay in cash or credit card only. A $30 fee is assessed on all returned checks. Check payments are not accepted
the week of the event, as there is not sufficient time to clear the bank.
Refund Policy/Cancellations:
ALL PAYMENTS NON REFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please be aware that once the contract is signed, and your event date
scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date, and thus all payments are non-
refundable. If your event is cancelled at least 14 days prior to your event (during business hours on that Friday) you will lose your
deposit, but will not be required to pay the final half.  If your event is cancelled a few days before your event, you will not be eligible
for a refund, and  you will be required to pay the balance in full, since we did not receive sufficient notice.

Cancellations of Special Orders:
We must receive at 45 day notice if you are cancelling an order for items not in stock or special ordered. The deposit would still be
non refundable, but no further payment would be due if we receive sufficient notice. Please check with the owner if you have
questions about whether or not your items are in stock. Special orders that are cancelled within 30 days of the event must be paid in
full, no exceptions.
Payment for Damaged/Missing Items:
Simply Elegant Weddings will notify you immediately upon return or pickup if items are missing. After further inspection and
laundering, we may be contacting you for additional cleaning or replacement fees.  The Credit card on file is automatically charged
for missing or damaged items. Client may opt to continue to pay the daily rental rate for the missing items until they are located.

All changes must be placed in writing, faxed or emailed as to avoid any confusion. You must call and confirm that the changes have
been applied to your invoice and request an updated invoice. A detailed invoice will be submitted following any changes to your
order by email or fax. Additional services require an appropriate deposit and will be charged to your credit card unless other terms
are specified. Emails are considered legal and binding and do not require a signature to be valid. If changes are made the day of the
event, a responsible party must sign for them upon delivery, pay with cash, or the credit card will be billed automatically. Substitutions
are allowed with a 14 day notice. No substitutions are allowed within 14 days of the event. Items may be added based on availability.
Photography Release:
By signing this agreement, you give Simply Elegant Weddings permission to use the photos that we take at your event on our
website and advertisements, materials, etc, with the understanding that you will not profit from them in any way.
Non-Payment/Breach of Contract:
No services contained in this contract will be rendered, delivered, or available if balance is not paid in full prior to your event.
If payments are not received by the due date, and the credit card on file becomes invalid, expires, or we are unable to authorize it,
your non-payment will be considered a breach of contract, and all previous payments are forfeited, and your order will be cancelled.
If payment is not received in a timely manner, SEW will consider your rented items and services available for another client’s use.
SEW is not contractually obligated to accept payments beyond the due date, nor refund previous payments. We will schedule
another client’s event on your event date if we have been unsuccessful in contacting you or obtaining a response from you regarding
payment.  You will not receive a notice in the mail.  We understand that some things happen which are out of your control and we will
work with you if you experience difficulty. It is possible to modify your contract, but must be approved by SEW. Communication is
Important Information and Instructions:

Outside Decorators:
If you, your family members and friends are opting to decorate yourself, or use your own decorator, such person(s) are also required
to abide by our guidelines, but you (the client) will be held responsible for damaged or missing items.
Room Readiness/Preparation:
If your facility provides the tables and chairs, and has agreed to set up the room, and it is not ready upon arrival, Simply Elegant may
have to simply drop off the items and proceed to another event, and no refunds will be issued for paid setup fees. If time permits, we
will setup the room and you will be billed the additional labor charge. We cannot keep other clients waiting. It is our goal to perform
the paid task, but if it depends on the room being ready, it is out of our control. It is important for these details to be settled ahead of
time. Please provide a telephone number for your Coordinator or family member who is in charge on the day of the wedding to
discuss these types of issues, should they arise.
If no adult representative of your party is available to make a decision on your behalf, do you authorize Simply Elegant to setup what
is necessary to complete the task, if the room is not ready, and do you agree to pay for the additional labor? If left blank, we will
simply drop off the items and proceed to the next event.
Yes ________ (Initial Here)         No __________ (Initial Here)

Table Cleanliness/Quality Control
If, upon arrival, SEW discovers that tables, containers or other items require cleaning before we can properly setup your rentals,
SEW will charge your account for cleaning and preparing the necessary areas/items. We will not install linens on soiled or damaged
tables, as they may stain or stag.
Candles are not included with the rental. Only drip-less or mechanical candles may be used on our taper candelabras. If candelabras
are returned with wax residue, a $25 cleanup fee per candelabra will be assessed. Unity Candles are keepsake items and are not
included with Unity Stand rentals. Wrought Iron Candelabras do not include pillar candles, but are available for rent or purchase.
Pricing and sizes are listed on our website under
"candelabra accessories".
Chair Covers:
SEW is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of chair covers. For Example: Chair covers can become crowded
when too many chairs are placed around a table, and your guests will inadvertently step on each others chair covers or rip them
when they get up.

Ensure Proper Fit:
Please be sure of the style and size of the chair at your facility. Banquet chair covers do not fit folding chairs, and vice versa. It is
important to find out at least 90 days in advance about your chair style, so that we may reserve them out of our stock accordingly. If
SEW discovers that the chair covers were used improperly, we will seek compensation on replacement of the damaged chair covers.
This includes: rips, snags, stains, and seams ripping etc.
Since SEW does have a strict damage policy, our chair covers are in new, excellent or good condition when rented to our customer.
Condition of the cover depends on the length of service of the chair cover. Small discrepencies or shoe marks on the bottom of the
chair cover are normal and you will not be charged for covers returned in good condition with minimal shoe markings. So
understanding these rules, please do not call us complaining of a tiny unnoticeable mark on the bottom part of your rented chair
Damage to Linens:
Linen Damage- Wax:
If damage or stains occur which require extra cleaning, client will be notified and billed of such services within 10 days after the event.
Such damages would include
wax stains. This is the most common cause of damages to linens. All candles must be in a glass
container or set on a mirror, candle stand, glass or protective cover to eliminate wax spills on the linen. No candles are to be placed
directly on the linen without an appropriate holder. If burns occur, the item is considered damaged, and must be replaced. If there
are any wax stains at all, even a small dot,  the item will be considered damaged and will also need to be replaced.
Linen Damage: Ink:
Ink and marker stains will not come out, so please do not provide coloring books for children on tables that you have rented linens
for. Butcher paper from the craft store is more appropriate. You can still create a centerpiece for the childrens table to tie it in with
your other guest tables and put their table in an obscure area of the room.
Linen Damage- Chocolate Fountains:
For clients renting linens: Simply Elegant offers a plastic table covering rental for $8. to be used under the chocolate fountain. This
will prevent permanent damage to our linen and possible replacement fees to your account. If the client refuses the covering, the
client assumes full responsibility for the chocolate stains and the replacement fee starting at $40-$80 for each table linen affected.
Misuse of Items:
Upon pickup or delivery, If Simply Elegant perceives that misuse will occur, we will NOT release the items, and no refunds will be
issued. Examples would be: Poor condition of equipment, no adults present to accept delivery, or improper or unsafe vehicle.
Food and Beverage Equipment:
Does not include:
 setup of the items on the tables, napkin folding, food  handling, catering duties of any kind, including: table
bussing, replacing glassware, dinnerware or flatware back into crates, beverage handling or setup of coffee urn or punch fountain.
Caterer must monitor glassware/flatware usage and replenish the buffet/guest tables as needed.
Self Cleanup: All items must be free of debris and liquids before returning. Catering items such as fountains, urns, chafing dishes or
other must be rinsed before returning. Please discuss these services with your food provider. If the items are left in a full/dirty state,
SEW will charge a fee starting at $10 per item. Please do not take apart beverage fountains. Small parts are easy to lose and
expensive to replace.

To Place/Confirm your order: You may complete our Online Confirmation with electronic signature or sign and fax this document

I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Rental

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